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Call for Papers

The World Congress Braille21 is over. To give you its information of the contents, it will stay here for download.

Call for Papers 1 (doc)
Criteria for preview of abstracts (doc)

Furthermore, you can find here advices to structure the paper and a form that has to be used for its preparation.

Formatting advices papers
Form papers

“A Market of Opportunities”

A very special part of the World Congress Braille21 was the event “A Market of Opportunities“. Here, anyone could take the opportunity to present their very personal innovative ideas around braille at a small exhibition stand that was free of charge.

Please inform yourself about the contributions at "A Market of Opportunities" at the World Congress Braille21.

World Congress Braille21 - Market of Opportunities


picture Saliya Kahawatte

Saliya Kahawatte (42),

»Braille builds bridges«

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