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28 November 2011

In memory of the Braille Day in Germany and the World Congress Braille21, there are now photos online that document the four eventful days in Leipzig/Germany. Please follow this link: Photo Galleries Braille21

22 November 2011

The World Congress Braille21 titled “Innovations in Braille in the 21st Century” has gone by very quickly. It is very important that there will be sustainable results and knowledge of it. That is why DZB Leipzig, the organiser of this big congress project, is working on the Braille21 proceedings at the moment.

We are very happy that most of the speakers have sent us complete papers of their contributions to the World Congress Braille21 – that is why the proceedings will contain about 60 papers!

You can order the following packages:

  • Package 1: Common print edition (English, approximately 400 pages, digital version included on a CD): 45 €
  • Package 2: Braille edition (uncontracted English braille, approximately 24 booklets – 48 pages each, digital version included on a CD): 45 €
  • Package 3: common print edition and braille edition combined (digital version included on a CD): 85 €

Please note: Purchasers from Germany and the European Union have to pay the additional VAT of 7% for books. For the common print edition, there will be also postal charges (not too high as it is book post).

We will start the delivery of the proceedings by January 2012. If you would like to purchase one or more copies of the Braille21 proceedings, please use the order form, fill it in and send it to . The deadline for orders is the 21 December 2011.

Braille21 order form proceedings (.doc)

15 September 2011

Please find here the travel information and the directions from the main station to the venue as well as to and from the main hotels.

08 September 2011

The registration for workshops at the World Congress Braille21 from 27 to 30 September 2011 is possible for alle registered participants of the World Congress. It finishes on 20 September 2011.

08 September 2011

The fifth edition of the Braille Post is published. It informs about the Braille21 final concert by the St Thomas Boys Choir and the quartet of blind singers "Pro Puncto". Furthermore, you can read about "A Market of Opportunities".

01 September 2011

The registration for the World Congress Braille21 has finished.

26 August 2011

The Award Committee of the Braille21 Award has published the five nominated finalists. Please find more information here.

15 August 2011

We are happy to have published the schedule for the World Congress Braille21.

12 August 2011

The programme for "A Market of Opportunities" at the World Congress Braille21 is published.

04 August 2011

We are delighted to have received 17 nominations for the WBU Braille21 Award. The Award committee is in the process of shortlisting 5 nominations, further information will be made available in due course.

29 June 2011

The contents of the World Congress Braille21 are fixed! Please find all presentations and workshops in the abstract collection.

22 June 2011

The fourth edition of the Braille Post is online now - this time with details about the programme of the Braille day in Germany and the portrait of the "Braille working group" in bbs Nürnberg, a Braille21 partner.

1 June 2011

The Call for Papers of the World Congress Braille21 has finshed. We received more than 100 proposals from 37 countries. All continents will be part of Braille21!

31 May 2011

We have extended the deadline for "A Market of Opportunities". You can submit your contributions until 30 June 2011.

18 May 2011

We are very glad to have gained Peter Hepp as our second keynote speaker. Mr Hepp works as a deacon and pastoral caregiver. He is deafblind himself and will speak about the role of braille for deafblind people – a central topic that is a must for the World Congress Braille21.

6 May 2011

The list of exhibitors is online now! Please follow this link.

14 April 2011

The third edition of the Braille Post is online now – this time with a portrait of the keynote speaker Dr. Judith Dixon and a school project of the Braille21 partner CBM.

1 April 2011

The registration for the World Congress Braille21 is open now! Early birds get a discount on the congress fee until 31 Mai 2011.

16 March 2011

The World Congress Braille21 is the occasion for the World Blind Union (WBU) to present the Braille21 Award. With this price, a braille development guaranteeing accessibility and affordability worldwide will be awarded. You can find detailed information and the nomination form here.

25 February 2011

Braille21 is audible now! We have produced an audio trailer that you can download here.

1 February 2011

The application for speakers at the World Congress Braille21 is open now! You can find the Call for Papers and the application form here.
Likewise, exhibitors and presenters at the event “A Market of Opportunities” can register from today on. All forms for registration are online now.

19 January 2011

The information about the fees for participants of the World Congress Braille21 is published.

5 January 2011

The Call for Papers, the Exhibitors’ Brochure and the Call for Proposals of the event “A Market of Opportunities” are now accessible on our website. All-important: the registration for speakers, exhibitors and presenters at “A Market of Opportunities” will start on 1 February 2011. The term for application will end on 31 May 2011 in all three cases.

4 January 2011

A Happy New Year 2011 to all of you! We are glad to present you an opportunity of financial travel support for librarians from abroad that would like to participate in the World Congress Braille21. You can request this support at the Bundesvereinigung Deutscher Bibliotheks- und Informationsverbände “Bibliothek & Information Deutschland (BID)“. Please find information and application forms on this website:


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Vivian Aldridge (51),

»Braille has fascinated and accompanied me through more than 35 years of my life as a sighted person.«

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