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City of Leipzig

Leipzig is one of the biggest cities in the east of Germany, situated about 130 km in the south of the capital Berlin. The city is a centre of education and arts thanks to the university and several other colleges, for example for engineering, economy, music, drama and visual arts. Leipzig is the origin of the world-famous group of artists “Leipziger Schule”.

Johann Sebastian Bach, Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy, Edvard Grieg, Albert Lortzing, Gustav Mahler, Robert and Clara Schumann, Richard Wagner and last but not least Hanns Eisler have worked in Leipzig and created music which is today well-known all over the world. And still today, the big musical tradition of Leipzig goes on. The St. Thomas Boys Choir still sings in St. Thomas Church, once place of activity of Bach. The Gewandhaus Orchestra with its Kappellmeister Riccardo Chailly is one of the biggest and most famous orchestras worldwide.

Last but not least, Leipzig was the origin of the peaceful revolution in 1989 which led to the fall of the Berlin wall and the German reunification on 3rd of October 1990.

Leipzig has a high quality of life thanks to many parks, woods and lakes which have been emerged because of the recultivation of former strip mining areas.

In less than two hours by train, you can reach other attractive cities. The most important ones are Berlin, Dresden, Erfurt and Weimar.


picture Kerstin Nitzsche

Kerstin Nitzsche (47),

»It is absolutely important that braille will be available on paper also in future: I myself am not allowed to work with the computer and the braille display due to a disease – therefore, I depend on the paper form.«

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